Getting Started

You or your team has decided you need either a website or new pages.


This guide will give you some hints/best practices to try and make this process as smooth as possible. If you get stuck, do not worry, just reach out to the folks listed under contacts for help.

As a website owner you will have a few responsibilities.

  • You will need to define clear goals and KPIs (metrics + targets) for your project.
  • You will need to think about the lifecycle of the project, does it have a pre-determined EOL date and what happens when it reaches end of life?
  • What will you happens if the goals/KPIs are not met - at what point to we “admit defeat”?
  • If dependent on team to build it, must accept that their business need will get prioritized along with other business needs (does not apply if budget is coming from business owner’s cost center).
  • PMM clearance (for product groups that have a PMM)

To help you we have outlined the lifcycle of a website and what is needed at each step.